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Personal Protection Video

Personal Protection Video
Personal Protection Video

Why Everyone Should Watch a Personal Protection Video

There are a lot of personal protection video companies out there at the moment and it can be easy to dismiss their marketing claims as inflated, or even call them scaremongering, but the truth is that there is a lot of value to watching personal protection video lessons, although the value may not come from where you expect it to.

A good personal protection video will help you to learn not just how to defend yourself, but how to avoid trouble in the first place. They teach skills like situational awareness, de-escalation, and also how to make yourself look less appealing as a target. These skills are  far more important than any form of fighting skill, and are what will really pay off when it comes to keeping you safe and keeping your valuables secure.

The best instructors are the ones who teach pragmatic, clear and realistic personal protection lessons that are easy to implement and that do not rely on strength, speed or weaponry. Observation, avoidance and communication skills are a better choice than teaching people how to use pepper spray or a gun. Learning the early warning signs for danger will help you to remove yourself from situations before they escalate, and this is a true life-saving skill that you and everyone in your family should take the time to learn and to apply.

Be wary of instructional DVDs that promise to teach Krav Maga or ground fighting techniques. While some of these techniques are effective it is a much better idea to learn them face-to-face rather than using a video. There is no substitute for feeling a move being properly applied and having an instructor give you detailed feedback on the moves when you try to perform them. You can find some of the best self defense videos right here at https://www.mysafetydefense.com/instructional-fighting-dvds.


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