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Non Lethal Self Defense Products

Non Lethal Self Defense Products
Non Lethal Self Defense Products

Why Use Non Lethal Self Defense Products?

The most obvious answer to this question is usually the obvious one; to not kill your attacker but still protect yourself from being a victim. This is absolutely correct, but there is an even more important reason why you should use non lethal self defense products.

When a criminal attacks someone, more than often, the person is not carrying a self defense weapon. However, sometimes a potential victim will carry an item he or she uses to protect themselves. Sometimes, the victims armed with a self defense weapon are overtaken by the attacker’s strength and end up having their weapon taken away from them. Obviously, this can be a dangerous situation and it is one you would want to avoid. Unfortunately, it does happen and this is where non lethal self defense products come as a better choice.

At times, the attacker will tend to use your weapon against you, but if you carry a self defense item such as a Taser, and it is turned against you, you will not be killed. If you had carried a lethal weapon such as a gun, you would have a chance of being killed by your own weapon.

Other Advantages of Using Non-lethal Self Defense Products

You do not require a special permit to carry a non deadly self defense weapon. Firearms require you to have a conceal carry permit.

Another advantage of having a non lethal self defense weapon is that if you happen to carelessly use it on someone, the legal consequences are not as harsh as if you would have used a lethal one and ended up killing someone.

Finally, non lethal self defense weapons are often cheaper than the convectional firearms. I do not know about you, but I vote for non lethal self defense weapons big time!


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