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Hidden Stash Containers - Coffee Mate Creamer

Hidden Stash Containers - Coffee Mate Creamer
Hidden Stash Containers - Coffee Mate Creamer

Hidden Stash Containers are a great way to protect the small valuables in your home to keep them out of the hands of thieves.

Check out this container of Coffee Mate Creamer it looks exactly like the original container of Nestles Coffee Mate Creamer, but it's not. It is really a fake hidden stash container in disguise. The bottom of the container has a twist off lid that uncovers a secret hidden compartment where you can store money and other small valuables in.

Then you can take these fake decoy can safes and place them on a shelf in your refrigerator right next to the other real dairy products like milk, eggs or cheese. Do you get my drift, what thief or burglar is ever going to guess that you are hiding your jewelry or stacks of cash in what looks like a ordinary container of Coffee Mate Creamer, none that I can think of that's for sure.

Here at our website we have many different kinds of these diversion safes that are disguised as every day household objects. For example we have hidden safes that look like books, wall clocks, soda and beer cans, household cleaning products, house plants, fake wall outlets, personal care products, food cans, bathroom cleaning products, garage can products and so much more.

So don't let the bad guys win by finding and stealing your personal propety, fight back and put the odds in your favor. These diversion safes are very affordable and will make great gift ideas for the people that you care about the most, like close friends and family members. You can find the Coffee Mate Creamer Hidden Stash Containers as well as the many different kinds of disguised safes we offer by clicking this link here https://www.mysafetydefense.com/hidden-safes.


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