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Fake Cans - 7up Safe


Fake Cans have been called many things, but they all have the same purpose. The purpose of a Fake Can is to hide and protect your belonging from those that would like to steal them.   Fake cans, also known as hidden safes provides you with secret hiding places for hiding your cash, gems and jewels, collections, heirlooms etc.  Hiding your possessions in plain view will help to keep them in your family.

This fake can is identical to the real can you'd buy in the store. The difference is the secret compartment inside.

This Fake 7-up can even has the same weight as the other cans in your pantry or frig.  Only you know what's really inside.

The 7UP Hidden Safe looks identical to the real 7UP soda can. But it is really a diversion safe with a concealed storage compartment. Where you can hide your valuables so thieves and burglars will never find and steal them from your home. The 7UP Diversion Safe has a hidden storage area that allows you to hide your small expensive assets.You can stash things like emergency house money, priceless jewelry pieces, rare coins and stamps, debit and credit cards, and any other small items that you want to keep safe and secure from thieves. All you have to do is unscrew the top of the 7UP decoy can safe and place your valuables inside the built-in storage chamber and screw the top back on.

Then just place your disguised secret stash can safe in the refrigerator alongside your real 7UP soda cans, because they look exactly the same so it will blend in and look like it is in it's rightful place. A thief or burglar will not be looking in your refrigerator in your soda cans for your valuables.

They will be focusing on the more obvious places that they think you are more likely to hide your valuables. Places like under your bed mattresses, closets, dresser drawers under your clothing, places like that. They will also be looking for jewelry boxes, house safes, lock boxes, cookie jars, those kinds of things. So now you can outsmart the thieves and beat them at their own game. Because the burglars or thieves will never in a million years realize that your 7UP soda can is really a camouflaged hidden compartment stash can safe.

Our 7-up fake can is one of our most popular items for people like you that are tired of being taken advantage of and want to make sure that others don't get ahold of your belongings.

Here at www.mysafetydefense.com we have the 7UP Diversion Safe in stock as well as over fifty five different kinds of these home security diversion safes that you can choose from.

DS-7UP • $12.95 - 1” × 3⅞”

0.7 lb


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