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Camera Stun Gun

Camera Stun Gun
Camera Stun Gun

Camera Stun Gun: The Ultimate Self-defense Weapon

Criminals were not born yesterday and if many had the mind to plan an offensive against a person, they would obviously have the mind to hatch a defensive plan as well. Whenever they spot a self defense weapon with a person, they get a chance to be ready for it. In this regard, take the advantage of surprise away from them and use it to your advantage.

If the bad guys cannot tell you are armed, then they lose the upper hand to you. In this case, you should think about toting a powerful camera stun gun that appears to be no different that any other camera cell phone. The camera stun gun phone will become your smokescreen and turn the surprise on them.

Given that almost everybody walks around with a cell phone in the hand these days, the criminal would not know that you have a weapon in your possession. A camouflaged camera stun gun is one of the most foolproof approaches to get a criminal off guard.

Being clueless, the criminal wouldn’t care to avoid what he or she has no idea is a camera stun gun on its way at him. When the stun gun comes into contact with the criminals body, it delivers an electric shock and causes a short term incapacitation as a result. Moreover, the criminal would go through a loss of balance as well as disorientation thus giving you an opportunity to run and seek help or safety.

Disguised camera stun guns shift the advantage to the user despite the criminals physical build or strength. Although the stun gun camera would not have to be functional, it would ultimately meet its real objective in fooling the criminal.

Stun guns are non-lethal and do not bring about any permanent harm. Whichever weapon you choose, the fact remains that these reasonably cheap devices can enhance your life’s security.



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