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Best Place to Hide Cash - Arizona Tea Fake Can


Best Place to Hide Cash is right here in this Arizona Tea Fake Can. Put this fake can of Tea in your fridge next to your eggs and milk. Your cash, jewels or important documents will stay safe and away from those that are looking to take your stuff.

Best Place to Hide Cash is the place that no one thinks to look.

Fake Can safes or diversion safes are the only one of it's kind home-security products. We offer a wide selection of hidden safes that are disguised as household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms.

 Expensive assets can be secretly stashed inside these identical looking containers and kept in their seemingly normal places. Each is indistinguishable from the household products that they represent and are even weighted to feel full.

The Arizona Tea Fake Can, is really a camouflaged hidden storage safe that looks just like the real can of Arizona Iced Tea. It is a great place to hide your valuables from thieves and burglars so that they never find them.

The Arizona Tea Fake Can was designed to look identical to the real can of Arizona Iced Tea to throw thieves off the trail to finding and stealing your valuables.

This decoy iced tea can safe has a secret hidden storage compartment which allows you to stash your priceless and precious small valuables inside the secret storage area. You can hide things like diamond silver and gold jewelry, expensive watches, credit cards, rare coins, and any other small valuables that you wish to hide from the bad guys.

The Arizona Tea hidden Safe is very easy to use, you just unscrew the bottom of the stash can safe and place you valuables inside the hidden storage chamber and screw the bottom back on. Then just put the authentic looking iced tea can safe in the refrigerator alongside your real Arizona Tea because they will look identical. What thief or burglar is ever going to guess that your can of iced tea is really a disguised secret compartment storage safe.

So if you are looking for the Best Place To Hide Cash. You can find the Arizona Tea Fake Can Safe as well as the many different types of these home security diversion safes that we stock right here at www.mysafetydefense.com

DS-ARIZONA • $15.95 - 1¾” × 6”

1.45 lb


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