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Best Hidden Safes - Aquanet Hairspray


Best Hidden Safes - Aquanet Hairspray hidden safe. Now you can hide your treasure right there in your bathroom in plain view. Your valuables and any other items that you want to keep out of the view of nosy lookers can be safe and waiting for you to open the bottom of this amazing hidden safe.

Best Hidden Safes, diversion safes are unique home security products. We offer a wide selection of disguised safes that look like everyday named brand household products such as food and beverage cans, snack containers, brand named household cleaning products that all have removable tops and bottoms.

Valuables can be secretly stashed inside these identical looking food and beverage containers and kept in their rightful spots. Each of these disguised hidden safes are undistinguishable from the authentic product that they represent and are even weighted to feel full.

The Aquanet Hairspray hidden safe. Looks exactly like the can of aquanet hairspray. But it is really a diversion safe with a concealed storage compartment. Where you can keep your valuables safely hidden from burglars and thieves that are looking to steal them. The Aquanet Hairspray hidden safe is the perfect disguised hidden safe for women.

This decoy mini hidden storage safe is completely portable so women can keep it in their pocketbook for when they are traveling or staying at a hotel. In this camouflaged hidden storage area safe you can conceal your small priceless valuables. You can hide things like emergency house money, gold watches, chains and necklaces, credit cards, diamonds and other valuable gems.

All you need to do is unscrew the bottom of the decoy can safe and place your valuables inside the secret storage compartment. Then screw the bottom back on and put your disguised secret stash can safe in your bathroom right next to your shampoo, lotions, and soap bottles. A burglar or thief will not be wasting their time looking through your bathroom beauty supplies for your valuables. The thief will be scared and in a hurry so he or she will be looking in the most obvious places where they think you would hide your valuables.

Places like under your bed mattress, your dresser drawers under your clothes, they will be looking for jewelry boxes, safe lock boxes, things like that. So now you can be one step ahead of the thief because they will never think that your can of Aquanet Hairspray is really a inconspicuous safe with a hidden storage compartment. Here at www.mysafetydefense.com we have many different kinds of these home security diversion safes that you can pick from. So stop by to find out the ones that are right for you.      

DS-AQUANET • $23.95 - 2” × 6½” Colors of the Aquanet Hairspray can may vary.

0.85 lb


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