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Best Diversion Safes - Wall Socket Diversion Safe


DIVERSION SAFES - The Best Diversion Safes are the ones that allow you to hide anything in plain sight. Most Law enforcement agencies state that a burglar spends between six to eight minutes robbing someones home, apartment or business. Now the odds can be in your favor by hiding your valuables right out there in the open in plain view.

Diversion Safes are unique home security products. We offer a wide variety of these disguised hidden safes that look like your everyday brand named household products. These identical looking disguised safes were designed to look like household items such as soda cans, cleaning products, personal care items, snack food containers with removable tops and bottoms.

 Treasures can be secretly hidden inside these duplicate looking containers and kept in what appears to be their rightful places. Each of these decoy safes are indistinguishable from the authentic product that they imitate and are even weighted to feel like they are full.

What a very clever idea this Wall Socket Diversion Safe outlet is. This looks just like any of the many wall socket electrical outlets already installed in your home, business or apartment. This secret hidden stash safe is so realistic looking a thief or burglar will never think a wall socket outlet is really a secret compartment storage area where you can hide your valuables.

You can hide things like money, passports, jewels, credit cards, or any other small valuables you can think of. The electrical outlet wall socket safe cost a fraction of what a traditional house safe would cost.

This Wall Socket Diversion Safe is very easy to install, it comes with all the installation hardware and instructions on how to install. It also comes with a key to open and lock your secret storage safe up when you need to.

You can find the Wall Socket Diversion Safe as well as many of the Best Diversion Safes that we have to offer right here at www.mysafetydefense.com.

DS-WALL • $13.95 - 2 3/16” × 2” × 5”

0.41 lb


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