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January 2016

Low Voltage Stun Guns

Why You Should Have Low Voltage Stun Guns

A low voltage stun is something that you need to have because you only want to stun an attacker, not kill a person. Thankfully, there are many brands of low voltage stun guns that you can find on the market. 

The thing is, they are not cheap. We looked at one website and found that the cheapest stun gun we could find cost $169, while the most expensive cost $1,000. If you're like most people, you're probably wondering if you should get a stun gun.

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

Stash A Dictionary Diversion Book Safe In Plain View

Have you ever owned a safe before? Surely you've seen the fireproof book safes that are easy enough for a burglar to just take right on out the door. They scream 'valuable' as that is what people usually stash in safes. People also find all kinds of unique hiding places throughout their home for their valuables, but you can't out think a crook. If he has time to look, wouldn't you think he'd search all the good hiding spots, too?

Water Bottle Diversion Safes

The Benefits of Water Bottle Diversion Safes

One of the best ways to safeguard and protect small valuables such as cash, credit cards or jewelry is by stashing them inside a diversion safe. These unique safes are designed to look like everyday household objects such as soda cans, shaving cream, deodorant, books or electrical outlets. Would-be thieves don't recognize them as being safes, and therefore don't even give them a second glance.

Custom Diversion Safes

Ordering Custom Diversion Safes For Your Home

Have you ever been the victim of a burglary? If so, you know how upsetting it can be to realize that someone was in your home, searching through your things and looking for valuable items. Even if you have never been so unfortunate, you may worry about the possibility.

Personal Stun Gun

Features To Look For In A Personal Stun Gun

Deciding to carry a personal stun gun is an important step in safeguarding your future. If you choose to buy a stun gun, be sure to look for as many features as possible. A stun gun can do more than offer quick protection against intruders or thieves.

Look for products that come with a safety on and off switch. You never want your gun to go off by accident or at an inopportune moment. Safety switches are features that come in the quality stun guns carried by policemen.

Hidden Compartment Diversion Safes

Three Uses For Hidden Compartment Diversion Safes

Diversion safes provide a unique way to protect small valuables. Designed to look like everyday objects, these safes trick thieves by blending in perfectly with their surroundings. If someone breaks into your home or vehicle, chances are they won't even give the safe a second glance since it doesn't look like anything valuable.

Working Diversion Safes

Working Diversion Safes Are A Great Tool For Hiding Valuables

If you get working diversion safes to help you out, they can make you feel a lot more secure. You can hide many things in them, so be sure that you do so with caution. Otherwise you may end up having your items taken and thieves knowing where the safe is.

Stores That Sell Diversion Safes

Where To Find Stores That Sell Diversion Safes

Using diversion safes is a great way to protect your valuables. By mimicking the look of ordinary objects, these safes blend into the background, making it unlikely that any burglar would inspect them and find what was hidden inside.

Portable Diversion Safes

3 Benefits Of Portable Diversion Safes That You Can't Ignore

Do you have extra cash or valuables that need to be hidden in a good spot? More and more people are purchasing portable diversion safes to ensure their cash or fancy jewelry doesn't catch the eye of a burglar. What makes diversion safes so great is that they have the ability to blend in with an everyday environment.

Unique Diversion Safes

Using Unique Diversion Safes At Home

Studies have shown that a lot of intruders will actually spend less than 10 minutes inside a person's house. Once they are in, they mean business so they like to look in some of the most common places known for hiding money and other valuables. If you want to be able to protect your goods from even the most savvy intruder, you may want to look into unique diversion safes that you can use at home and keep your items from getting stolen.



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