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June 2015

Diversion Safes For Cars

The Best Diversion Safes For Cars

Do you have valuable items that you keep in your car that you would like to protect from thieves? If so, a diversion safe could be the perfect solution. These safes are uniquely designed to look like everyday objects. This makes it harder for thieves to spot them, reducing the likelihood that they will try to break in.

Retractable Stun Baton

Which Is The Best Retractable Stun Baton?

A retractable stun baton, or any other stun baton for that matter, is something that you use to ward off attackers. While there are many brands and models of stun batons out there, not all of them are created alike, and there are those that are certainly better than others. This leads us to ask, which is the best retractable stun baton.

Diversion Safes For Sale

What Are Some Of The Types Of Diversion Safes For Sale?

Diversion safes are cleverly designed safes that look like ordinary household objects. This makes them excellent for hiding cash, jewelry or other small items since thieves would never guess that there was something of value hidden inside. Here are just a few of the many types of diversion safes for sale:

Soda Can Safes

Rechargeable Stun Gun

The Benefits Of Owning A Rechargeable Stun Gun

Stun guns actually come in different types. While there are low-voltage models, there are power-filled ones. And while there are those that need batteries in order to function, there is what you would call a rechargeable stun gun.

Do Diversion Safes Work

How Well Do Diversion Safes Work?

Diversion safes are designed to discreetly hide your valuables. These safes are disguised as every day items that would normally be found in your home. You can for instance hide your valubles in a safe that looks like a book, a bottle or a soda can.

Concealment Devices Or Diversion Safes

Concealment Devices Or Diversion Safes Are Good To Invest In

It make sense for you to work with concealment devices or diversion safes because then you can hide items in plain site from would be robbers. When you have safes that hide in plain site, you can also hide your items in it that you don't want your children to see.

How Effective Are Diversion Safes

How Effective Are Diversion Safes for Protecting Your Posessions?

Diversion safes are a convenient and simple way for people to protect their possessions without putting them in a traditional desk or wall safe. You may be wondering, though, how effective are diversion safes when it comes to security?

Diversion Safes For Travel

Diversion Safes For Travel - Hide Your Belongings In Plain View

When you're traveling, it's definitely important to keep your belongings safe. People have dreamed up all kinds of ideas, from stuffing money in socks, to using side compartments in bags and more. They will hide things in a vehicle under the seat or in other places. What people don't realize is they are taking the same route that a criminal is going to take when trying to discover valuable belongings.

Diversion Safes For Home

Diversion Safes For Homes Are Quite The Trend

You do everything you can to protect your family, your home and your valuables. Perhaps you have an extensive security system in place, and maybe you have the best locks, including a safe for your personal valuables. The truth of the matter is, however, criminals find their way into homes and find their way to valuables.

Pocket Stun Guns

Pocket Stun Guns For Easy Carrying And Better Protection

Do you remember seeing the older model stun guns for personal protection that are quite large? Imagine carrying it on your person all the time, ensuring that you have it at the proper time for when you encounter any danger. Sure, they do the trick, but who really wants to lug something like that around.



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