"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

"Being prepared is being smart, trouble seems to lurk everywhere."

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

May 2015

Home Defense Products

What Kind of Home Defense Products Are Worth the Money?

Some people are skeptical about the many home defense products that are on the market. Because most of these products are sold at a budget-friendly price, people assume that the products they're getting aren't of a very high quality.

Stun Gun Flashlights

Protecting Yourself With Stun Gun Flashlights

What Is A Panic Alarm

What Is A Panic Alarm And Its Essential Uses

Sometimes people fail to understand  what is a panic alarm and its importance. The panic alarm is paramount to our daily lives. It has the ability to monitor a couple of events. This article compels an understanding about panic alarms.

What Is A Panic Alarm?

Personal Safety Keychain

Why Carry a Personal Safety Keychain

If you are concerned about the possibility of being attacked, then it is a good idea to carry a personal safety keychain. These personal alarms are small, portable, and unlike many other personal safety items they are something that you are likely to have on-hand at exactly the moment you need them.

Personal Protection Products

A Variety Of Personal Protection Products

There is an excellent company right here called My Safety Defense, that has a wonderful selection of personal protection products. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people need to protect themselves from the increasing threats of crime and violence. In many countries the police are completely defenseless against this rising wave of criminal activity. This cowardly activity is against hard-working people.

Best Cleaning Product Diversion Safes

The Best Cleaning Product Diversion Safes

Personal Care Product Diversion Safes

Clever Personal Care Product Diversion Safes

If you are looking for a way to keep your small valuables safe from opportunistic thieves, then personal care product diversion safes are an ideal option. They can help you to hide small items so that if your property is broken into the thief will overlook them. 

This is particularly useful for things like cash and jewellery which you do not want to put into a formal safe deposit box.

Best Stun Guns To Buy

Finding The Best Stun Guns To Buy

When shopping for stun guns, there are a few things that you should take into account in order to determine the best stun guns to buy. Read on below for a few simple tips on shopping for the highest quality stun guns on the market.

Check The Warranty

Concealed Pepper Spray

Having A Concealed Pepper Spray , Can Be A Great Self-Defense Tool

Imagine for just a moment that you’re walking alone after dark on your way to your vehicle from the parking lot of your place of employment. Before you know it, someone has jumped out and grabbed you from behind. As they demand you to turn over your valuables, the only thing that you can think about is getting away from them. Times like these are when having concealed pepper spray can be the difference between getting away safely and not.

Best Stun Guns For Civilians

How To Find The Best Stun Guns for Civilians



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