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April 2015

Diversion Safes With Hidden Compartments

Buying Diversion Safes With Hidden Compartments

Do you have a lot of valuables in your home that you need to keep safe? Do you worry that burglars will break into your house and steal your most precious items? If so, you may need to find a new place to store these possessions. The last thing that you want to do is leave them visible so that anyone passing by can see them.

Self Defense For Women

Effective Self Defense For Women

Self defense for women is nothing new and over the years some very effective techniques have been added. However, not every woman finds the time to take necessary classes, which is why they will find this article somewhat useful. The following tips might just be the difference between life and death.

Tip No. 1 - There Is No Reasoning

Personal Protection Outside The Home

Tips For Personal Protection Outside The Home

If you live or work in a dangerous area, you have probably put some thought into personal protection outside the home. There are a few things that you can do to keep yourself safe while you are outside, and there are tools that you can buy to offer some added peace of mind, but it is important to remember that the best protection is often to avoid dangerous situations in the first place.

Wildfire Pepper Spray

Wildfire Pepper Spray - Feel The Burn

For all the ladies out there who want to feel safe at all times, but are too scared to carry a gun around. Your best bet is to go with a Wildfire Pepper Spray. Anybody that tries to invade your space will regret even seeing your face. It's filled with all the good stuff that keeps attackers at bay.

It's Long Lasting

Highest Voltage Stun Gun

Do You Need The Highest Voltage Stun Gun?

What Are Diversion Safes

What Are Diversion Safes And How Do They Work?

Diversion safes are also referred to as being a hidden safe or a concealment device. These safes are quite often used within a household to keep valuables safe by concealing them from plain sight. This is a thought process that talks of how a thief may be looking for certain areas within the home where valuables and money may be hidden. Instead, they can be found in any one of the different safes that are available today. So, what are diversion safes and how can you use one in your home?

Food Diversion Safes

Why Use Food Diversion Safes?

Food diversion safes are a handy form of concealment safe that allows homeowners to conceal small valuables in plain sight, by putting them in tins or boxes that look just like standard food products.

These tins can be purchased commercially, or can be homee-made. They are usually made to look like relatively non-perishable food products such as tins of mashed potato mix, cans of beans, or boxes of cereal. These items do not look out-of-place in a standard household cupboard.

What Is A Personal Alarm

What is a Personal Alarm Useful For?

If you find yourself working late at night, or having to walk through secluded areas where you feel like your personal safety may be at risk, then you probably want to invest in a personal alarm. You may be wondering, "what is a personal alarm useful for?" Well, a personal alarm can help to draw attention when you feel like your safety is being threatened.

Rather than focusing on the question "What is a personal alarm?", a better question would be "What sort of personal alarm should I buy?"

Wildfire Pepper Gel

Best Way To Use Wildfire Pepper Gel

Wildfire pepper gel is one of the best self-defense tools available today. However, using a tool in the right manner is necessary to ensure one's protection. Each self-defense situation is unique and one needs to be prepared to face any kind of situation with the help of wildfire pepper gel.

Personal Protection For Women

Personal Protection for Women: The Items Women Need to Stay Safe

A lot of women don't feel safe walking around by themselves at night, and for good reason. Women are more likely to be attacked or assaulted than their male counterparts, and they're less likely to have the skills they need to defend themselves.



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