"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

"Being prepared is being smart, trouble seems to lurk everywhere."

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

April 2015

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

All About Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

What Is Pepper Shot Spray?

Pepper Shot pepper spray is a powerful defensive product which is manufactured by a company called Pepper Shot. The company has the best reputation and has been selling this product for more than ten years. The company sells millions of units of this product across the globe.

Ingredients Of Pepper Spray

Camera Stun Gun

Camera Stun Gun: The Ultimate Self-defense Weapon

Criminals were not born yesterday and if many had the mind to plan an offensive against a person, they would obviously have the mind to hatch a defensive plan as well. Whenever they spot a self defense weapon with a person, they get a chance to be ready for it. In this regard, take the advantage of surprise away from them and use it to your advantage.

Non Lethal Self Defense Products

Why Use Non Lethal Self Defense Products?

The most obvious answer to this question is usually the obvious one; to not kill your attacker but still protect yourself from being a victim. This is absolutely correct, but there is an even more important reason why you should use non lethal self defense products.

Personal Protection Devices For Women

Personal Protection Devices For Women For Their Safety And Well Being

Do you feel scared walking to your car or home at night? Have you got scared while staying at home by yourself? Would you like to know how to defend yourself and your family from harm? As we hear disturbing crime reports day after day, and often women are in vulnerable positions, every woman should know how to defend themselves.

Personal Protection Video

Why Everyone Should Watch a Personal Protection Video

There are a lot of personal protection video companies out there at the moment and it can be easy to dismiss their marketing claims as inflated, or even call them scaremongering, but the truth is that there is a lot of value to watching personal protection video lessons, although the value may not come from where you expect it to.

Miscellaneous Household Diversion Safes

Miscellaneous Household Diversion Safes Can Help To Protect Your Valuables From Theft

Home Security Burglar Alarm

Finding The Right Home Security Burglar Alarm

It just makes sense in these times to find and secure the right home security burglar alarm. Ideally it should be able to scare off a burglar before he even enters the house.

Self Defense Classes For Women

Why Self Defense Classes For Women Is Important

Going out on ladies night is always a great idea. However, for a lot of women, they are going to be out with friends and could easily open themselves up to attacks by someone. While the group can help protect them up to a point, it is possible to be singled out in these attacks. Prior to this happening, the women should know why the self defense classes for women is so important for them to take, rather than being defenseless in the attacks.

Smallest Stun Gun

Choosing The Smallest Stun Gun With A Kick

How To Protect Your Home

How to Protect Your Home: Keeping Your Home Safe On Any Budget

The U.S. department of Justice estimates that a home is robbed every 15 seconds. In most cases, the robber steals approximately $2000 worth of goods, or causes an equivalent amount of property damage. For many families, this can be downright devastating.



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