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February 2015

Disguised Pepper Spray

Using Disguised Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has long been a deterrent to would be attackers. If sprayed in the face and eyes, it will disable an attacker long enough for the supposed victim to get away. Pepper spray that gets into the eyes will burn so badly that the assailant will be unable to see to do any harm to the victim.

If the assailant sees that the victim has a device, he will suspect that a pepper spray or some similar device is present and will have a better chance of blocking the spray or snatching the spray device from the victim.

How Stun Guns Work

How Stun Guns Work - A Brief Guide

Stun guns are an excellent, non-lethal tool for personal protection. Before you go and buy your first stun gun, you probably wonder exactly how stun guns work. Here is a quick guide to help you understand how stun guns work, so you can more easily shop for and buy one that is best for you.

Best Personal Alarm For Women

Finding The Best Personal Alarm For Women

Long Range Pepper Spray

The Benefits Of Long Range Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a necessity for anyone who wants to protect themselves from harm. With that being said, there is more than one variety and they each have their own benefits. Here are all of the reasons why you should consider purchasing long range pepper spray.

You Can Protect Yourself From A Distance

Most Powerful Stun Gun

The Hunt For The Most Powerful Stun Gun

Lots of people feel that a non-lethal weapon is vital to their safety. Stun guns are an extremely popular choice for non-lethal self defense. You'll find that all stun guns are definitely not created equal when you start shopping for one. How can you make a smart buying decision if you're looking for the most powerful stun gun available to you? The answer lies in the batteries.

The Truth About Power

Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

Shopping For A Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

Affordable Stun Guns For Sale

Researching Affordable Stun Guns For Sale

Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Gun

The Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Gun

Hidden Diversion Safes

What Are Hidden Diversion Safes

Purple Stun Guns For Women

Purple Stun Guns For Women Depend On State Laws

There are a number of tools used for self-defense.  One of them is a stun gun.  These are devices that when used on a person gives the person an electric shock.  The shock is enough to disable a person, but only temporarily.

Although everyone can benefit from a self-defense tool, women are particularly good candidates for stun guns.  Vicious crimes against women, most often carried out by men, happen every day. 



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