"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

"Being prepared is being smart, trouble seems to lurk everywhere."

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

February 2013

Effective Means Of Stashing Away Funds Inside The Home

After my parents divorced when I was in 4th grade I went to live with mom. Daddy has me each and every summer . Through his remarriage as well as starting up another family its been like that until right now that I am some years shy of leaving for college. I have happily forgone other vacation opportunities since my summers are for spending time with my father and also my siblings.

How Can Girls Effectively Offer Protection To Themselves While On A Business Trip

I lately moved to a new job that needed me to travel frequently. As a single girl I didnt have any kind of problems with that since I did not have a family to care for at the moment. I was devoted to my job and trying to become successful.

The only thing I did not like was feeling unsafe throughout my business trips. On the last one someone grabbed my purse from me while I was going back to the hotel. I told my manager about this and she recommended that I obtain a panic alarm for my protection.

The Way To Pick A Credible Weapon For Personal Use Right Now

The moment I relocated out of my parents household and to my very own flat a sibling 3 years my senior encouraged that I get a stun gun for self-defense. I minded the suggestion as I can never switch magically into a street fighter when my life relied on it.

At first I rejected the intense-looking pronged gadgets in black which were available. There was absolutely no way that I can bring one of those. I virtually needed my stun gun pink to conceal from any person on the prowl the reality of me being armed.

Effective Means Of Protecting Yourself In Other Peoples Homes

In my hubbys job fixing refrigerators he has experienced several dubious homes. Both of us worry that the next technician to come is a psycho as does my family yet people in those jobs worry as well that the next home they drop in on has a psycho.

The problem is the fact that he cant be walking into other households armed with a weapon and only be sending parents into panic. We brainstormed options for the best home defense weapon in his scenario and I looked to have think of a solution.

Pointers Regarding How To Keep Your Emergency Fund Secure In Your Own Home

Financial professionals recommend that all families have around three months worth of their money in an emergency fund apart from their financial savings. A home security safe is the ideal spot to keep this mainly because an emergency fund is best to have in cash.

Some of the best options to utilize inside your home when storing large amounts of cash are diversion safes. These are hiding places that appear like normal objects found in any residence.

Learning New Things To Be Able To Enhance Your Skills

Ive been practicing martial arts for thirty five years right now. I have reached a 9th degree black belt in jiu jitsu and also an 8th degree one in tae kwon do. Im likewise a personal defense teacher.

Ive constantly loved challenging myself to learn brand new skills and techniques. At the moment Im fixated on studying the Russian fighting system. A lot of people claim that it is among the best fighting systems however I have yet to see personally.

Making Use Of The Ideal Protection While Enjoying The Outdoors

I am such a city girl but because my guy is an outdoorsy person I made a decision to try it out. I thought if something went at me I could make use of anything I find for protection.

Apparently this is a no-no. My guy mentioned to me that making use of wasp spray for self defense wasnt recommended at all. So I researched and found that sprays ideal for bugs might lead to much more harm than good if used on people.

The Way To Make Sure That Criminals Wont Get Your Valuable Items

Having a lengthy airplane ride or perhaps sitting for hours on the bus isnt so much the worry whenever going on a holiday vacation. The leading problem is how to hide your valuables if nobody will be left home.

You cant help but feel uneasy when you have all those bits of jewelry lying around and no safe area to put them. Burglars will naturally search for something that blings and pick it up with no second thoughts.

How You Can Safeguard Yourself While Discouraging A Fight

Having been raised with bodyguards due to my mothers occupation I feel like I missed out on a lot of adventure and maybe even the enjoyment of being reckless . Later on I evened it up by trying out all sorts of extreme sports and riding a lightning-fast motorcycle.

Now staying in the company of security folks did not make me become stupid. Quite the opposite they taught me to walk away from a fight when I can. When I cant they schooled me on utilizing a non-lethal weapon like a pen stun gun for defense.

How Extreme Sports Buffs Can Protect Themselves From Danger

Mace Pepper Gun For Personal Protection.

I started BMX as soon as I went to study mechanical engineering in the university. Some other racers would ask my assistance to fine-tune the purpose-built tracks and at times the bikes so I made friends fast.

Out there it was easy to feel invulnerable towards any kind of threat. However in the very same week that one amongst us broke a hip while motocross cycling another nearly died in the hands of criminals.



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